Special calls and effects

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A firearm has been discharged; check around to see if you are the target. If struck your chest location is wounded and you cannot use the tough key word. Like real life, only characters with specialist medical knowledge are able to treat gunshot wounds before victims bleed out. However as with all aspects of Forsaken if you have a member of games team around and are very inventive you may be able to help.


Some weapons are so brutal they utterly mangle anything they hit. If struck by a weapon with the accompanying call “rend” the location is reduced to a wounded state and you may NOT use the tough key word to recover.


If targeted by this call you character catches fire and should act appropriately. All locations are treated as if being hit by a single melee blow every three seconds. Appropriate roleplay from another character putting the flames out will negate the effect.


If targeted by this call your character is unable to do anything as they struggle to breath. This effect lasts for ten seconds and should be roleplayed.

Pyrotechnics which make SMOKE

If you character enters or is in a cloud of smoke your character may only stumble, cough, splutter etc. until out of the cloud. You may not defend yourself or use other skills.

Pyrotechnics which go BOOM

If your character is within 30ft of an explosion then they should take the bang effect.


Searching a character takes thirty seconds of appropriate roleplay which does not involve physically touching the player unless given express permission to so.


Never touch another player without their permission, however you may if you are skilled enough pick their pouch or bag.

If you intend to take or do take another characters IC bag then please report to the games team immediately afterwards as it may have OC medicines inside.


Unresisting characters may be captured and held captive in the in-game area. We have included these mechanics to ensure the safety and fun of those who may become involved in these scenes. Any perceived abuse of these mechanics as an ongoing tactic against other player characters and crew will not be tolerated.

If you are disposing of a body it is acceptable to move it to another place but it must be done immediately or at the next available opportunity.

You must never physically restrain a person, instead you may lay rope or suitable materials to represent bonds but they must be non-restrictive and only there to give the appearance of restraints.

If left alone for more than 15 minutes the “restrained” character is able to slip their bonds and escape. If you are held captive at time out or at the end of the night you are assumed to be in the custody of your captures and re-join play in the same situation. If this causes any emotional or physical discomfort please request the presence of a ref. If will not mean that your character is freed but accommodations will be made and suitable actions taken to resolve the situation.

This does not prevent you from calling a time on the scene and moving away from the scenario however in these circumstances we ask that you attend games control and do not re-join the game until resolved. Where the scene taking place is no longer interesting or fun for the captured player the scene should be resolved by the captors. Where required this request will be asked by the games team.


Grappling or stage fistfights are not covered by the event rules. There is no official way to damage another character without using a larp weapon. Any such activity will be stopped by a ref unless both parties can demonstrate clear consent and the activity is not disrupting the event experience of others.

A player may choose to take mechanical damage as a result of the staged fight as they wish.

Never grapple or engage in stage fighting with any other participant without their express permission.

As mentioned above you may push with a larp safe shield type object, if you are moving at a slow walking pace or less but you must not shield-barge, you cannot run into another player using a shield or other similar item. You may not use a shield as a weapon to strike another player.


Role playing carrying or moving someone or items representing heavy objects requires two free/empty hands (can be between two people with one hand each).

You may only move at a walking pace when role playing carrying or moving someone or items representing heavy objects.

Physically dragging another person by the arms or legs, picking them up or other handling is not permitted.