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The apocalypse continues.

Once-possessed corpses now rot in the blasted ruins of human civilisation, a reprieve in a way but an uncertain future now faces those who have fought so hard to survive. The war against the dead is over but humanity remains Forsaken, and the world is far from safe.

The now physically manifested Djinn struggle to make new lives, feeding themselves and dealing with the far-reaching hands of the Cult of Job and their disease. Those who dedicated themselves before now follow their Queens again, these warbands do much better, creating new micro civilisations and safe places to live. Humans survivors cannot help encountering them, sometimes peacefully but often violently.

Disease, famine and the Djinn are no longer humanities biggest threat.

Something started a civil war in heaven, the conclave of the Archangels and a peaceful solution shattered by the actions of humans. The side of Justice no longer bound by the rules have begun enacting Gabriel’s plan to cleanse the Earth. Only the forces of Hope led by Michael and Raphael are preventing the main army from descending.