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Forsaken is much more static than season 1 and so how downtime works is changing a little bit. The former list of 5 available downtime options will be replaced by the following:

Downtime Opportunities

Downtime opportunities will represent options that come up in-game for actions to be taken in downtime that are one-offs specific to that downtime. In season 1, we had a similar system for deciding where the group would travel to next – this information was fed in and the players decided where to go as a group. Now we will bring in several opportunities in the local area that players can individually decide if they wish to go and take part in. These opportunities will broadly replace the “scouting” and “scavenging” options.


Players can still teach and learn – this option will mean that the characters remain in the settlement for the downtime period and teach/learn keywords from each other or from specific NPCs.


We are removing the “bonding” option from downtimes to come into line with the changes to Will to Live. All player characters now have the ability to be bonded with up to three other characters as they wish without the need for a member of the games team to be informed.