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Actions and game effects

Forsaken does not have a definitive list of actions which can be performed, instead characters are able to combine game items, key words and make-shift items. If you wish to perform a more complex roleplay action then please find an IC referee.

They will help you perform the task and make notes or inform the monster team of something you have just done.

Character resources

All characters are assumed to have suitable simple goods (with little or no in game effect) which fit in with the “theme” of the game. We do not intend to police this but also expect payers to take on board that this is an apocalyptic games and anything on the characters person must be physically represented by an appropriate object.


For the most part what you see is what you get, there are some unique items in game with other mechanical effects which are not covered in the mechanics primer. These will be addressed using laminates (lammies), which will be attached to the relevant item.

This will allow for character led investigations and discoveries without the need to interact with the games team, which could lead to constantly dropping out of character to ask questions.

Game items which have a significant mechanical effect will have a lammie or sticker attached. This will include medication, narcotics, weapons, ammunition and items with supernatural properties or key plot points.

If you wish for your character to possess items with a significant mechanical effect as mentioned above then please make a request with the games team before the beginning of the event.